Frequently asked questions

What is a pharmaceutical reverse distributor?

Great question! In the course of normal operations, health care facilities and pharmacies accumulate pharmaceuticals that they will not use or dispense, eventually expiring. The health care industry has developed a process for returning these pharmaceuticals through specialized brokers (that’s us!) for management of the return logistics and distribution of refunds.

How do I create an account to return my expired drugs?

We’re excited to service your team! You can quickly send us your facilities credentials here and we’ll reach out once we verify it all. We promise we’ll get you onboarded and ready to use our services quickly.

What is the difference between a mail-in or rep service return?

Our “mail-in” service gives you access to our customized software, allowing you to create, inventory, and ship your expired drugs independently. Alternatively, if you don’t want the headache of going through that process, we will happily send one of our qualified reps to your establishment to take care of the entire process. At Ecopharm we work to serve you, in a way which suits you best.

Does Ecopharm handle controlled substances?

When returning controlled substances, our software will prompt it as a separate inventory. Please ensure the volume count is accurately counted/measured to the exact amount. Once you submit your return, Ecopharm will send you a C2 Kit which contains your DEA Form 222 and return shipping label. Make sure to package the product carefully and that a copy of your inventory and copy of your DEA Form 222 are included.

When can I expect payment for my return?

Ecopharm streamlines this process by sending you a single check for the entire return within 90 days! Send us a note or give us a call for further details.